I just wanted to send you a quick message about your staff at K & S...they are incredibly good at what they do. Justin goes above and beyond what my expectations would be when he's done work at our house and he's knowledgeable, hard working , and does his best to make sure we are happy with the work he's done on each visit. Tessa is quick to reply when I've had a question and she's polite and very easy to communicate with. Kyle was also excellent when he was working on our project in December and he also went above and beyond in setting up our system for us as well. You have a great staff and a great product - just wanted to say thanks to you for the time you've spent answering my questions and helping us out and to all of them for the wonderful experience we've had. When we need anything done in the future, there is no question that we will be calling you first I hope business is great this upcoming year! Scott